Here you find old news that were previously available on the front page.
  23/06/04 - Previews on Financial Mechanisms Taskforce

22/06/04 - New Working Groups of International Civil Society are Forming. Caucuses for Finance, Community Telecenters and Arab Region being set up

10/06/04 - Civil Society Participation in WSIS Phase Two. Governments hesitating, NGOs demanding progress

10/06/04 - Virtual Activist Conference on WSIS, Sunday, 13 June

02/06/04 - EU publishes Strategy Paper for second Phase of WSIS. Focus on Implemenation, not Political Discussions | Download (rtf)

13/05/04 - Working Group on Internet Governance is Shaping Up. Coordinator Markus Kummer on Details, Civil Society Caucus striving for common position

13/04/04 - The HBF at the Worldsummit on the Information Society. Report on processes and outcomes of the WSIS and the contribution of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Read the report (pdf): German | English

12/05/04 - The World Summit on the Information Society and its Legacy for Global Governance. By Marc Raboy and  Normand Landry | Full report in french (pdf, 208 pages) | Annexes (pdf) | English summary (pdf, 8 pages)

07/05/04 - The Tunisian Human Rights League is threatened by the Tunisian regime. URGENT call for signatures

25/04/04 - Civil Society and the Preparations for the WSIS 2003: Did Input Lead to Influence? by Charlotte Dany

14/04/04 - ITU Survey on WSIS Implementation and Main Goals for Connectivity: Participate

01/04/04 - Will the Real WSIS Please Stand-up? The Historic Encounter of the 'Information Society' and the 'Communication Society'. By Seán Ó Siochrú. Download (rtf)

23/03/04 - Whose "information society"? Or: Was WSIS worth it? By Anriette Esterhuysen

22/03/04 - Positioning for second summit phase has begun. Tunisia meeting showed some directions, more this this week

21/03/04 - EU positions itself towards second WSIS phase. Documents from February and March 2004

15/03/04 - Civil Society Bureau Issues Report on Transition Phase. From WSIS Geneva to WSIS Tunis. Download (rtf)

08/03/04 - ITU Workshop: ICANN's "we don't do governance" line falls flat. By Milton L. Mueller

06/03/04 - Online Forum on Internet Governance Started

05/03/04 - Draft Roadmap for Second Summit Phase Available

27/02/04 - Statement on Communication Rights. First Milestone Towards an International Charter on Communication Rights

23/02/04 - Failure and Success at the WSIS: Civil Society's next moves. By Sean O'Siochru, Spokesperson for the CRIS Campaign

23/02/04 - European Green Party votes for Free Software and Information Ecology. Position Close to German and European NGOs in WSIS

23/12/04 - Online Evaluation of WSIS Outcomes. African Civil Society Planning for WSIS Evaluation Report

19/02/04 - What's next? Summit Phase Two is Kicking Off

27/01/04 - The Community Media Forum at the WSIS

16/12/03 - How was the Summit? A helpful list in case your friends (or any reporters) ask you

12/12/03 - First phase of WSIS Summit concluded. Governments adopt Declaration and Action Plan

11/12/03 - Video stream intervention into WSIS events. High Noon around the globe

11/12/03 - Tunisia Censored Terra Viva Newspaper. Thousands of copies disappeared from various sites at WSIS

11/12/03 - Direct Action around WSIS. WIPO is looking for Mermaid

11/12/03 - "Between Today's Realities and Tomorrow's Expectations". Wolfgang Kleinwächter on the two declarations and civil society's involvement

11/12/03 - ICT4D exhibition. African Village brings life to WSIS market-place

10/12/03 - Summit Opens with High-Level Participation. Nice speeches, but is there true will?

10/12/03 - Media Debates at WSIS. World Electronic Media Forum celebrates and reflects - media activists expose "Infowar"

09/12/03 - Finance / final negotiations ended with consensus. Digital Solidarity Fund postponed until 2005

09/12/03 - Media Laboratory closed by police. Swiss Police bring Digital Divide to Geneva

06/12/03 - Summit Preparations Closer to Agreement. Only finance still open

06/12/03 - WSIS Side-Events. "More interesting than the summit"

05/12/03 - PrepCom3b commences. Final negotiations begin in Geneva

03/12/03 - German stall at WSIS. "germany at WSIS": Palexpo, ICT4D, Hall 4, Stall #857

01/12/03 - New Publication on WSIS. Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes comprehensive booklet "Vision in Process". Download (pdf)

30/11/03 - European Social Forum. WSIS debates at ESF

28/11/03 - Final preparations for WSIS1. Switzerland is facilitating negotiations

14/11/03 - Civil Society Takes the Lead. Governments still in stalemate - new negotiations on 5 / 6 December

12/11/03 - Time running out for negotiations. Major conflicts still unresolved - chair proposed to skip discussion on action plan

10/11/03 - Discussion on Tunisia Phase of Summit has started. "Open-ended" intergovernmental working group set up on second phase

10/11/03 - PrepCom3 has resumed its work. Civil Society focusing on own vision and strategic issues

2/11/03 - "Multi-stakeholder process" as safety-belt. Civil Society legitimation is crucial for WSIS

27/10/03 - New Draft Summit Declaration published: "Non-Paper" produced through intransparent mechanisms

4/10/03 - The Debate on Intellectual property Rights: Letting the Cat out of the Bag on IPRs

30/9/03 - The Communication Rights Debate: Stating the Obvious in the WSIS Declaration

26/9/03 - Commentary: Governments, listen or leave us alone in the information age!

26/9/03 - Additional PrepCom3 sessions planned for November/December: PrepCom3 is suspended in Chaos

26/9/03 - WSIS process at PrepCom III: Civil Society Press Release

25/9/03 - North-South and South-South Perspectives on the Information Society: Discussion on Digital Solidarity Agenda and Finance

24/9/03 - Divisions between government and civil society positions: Civil society will draft its own declaration

23/9/03 - Art Activism and traditional lobbying at PrepCom3: Flyers found all over the conference center

23/9/03 - PrepCom3 negotiations enter decisive phase: Working groups negotiate details of Action Plan

22/9/03 - Does Input lead to Impact?: Document analysis shows how little civil society input is reflected in current drafts

22/9/03 - Statement from Civil Society Organizations on Tunesia and WSIS: Stupor and Indignation voiced on the appointment of General Habib Ammar as President of the PrepCom for 2005

22/9/03 - "Vision impossible": Civil Society criticises draft declaration

19/9/03 - "Intellectual property" and why Governments Shouldnt Break International Law: The Working Group on Enabling Environment

19/9/03 - WSIS Counter-Events: WSIS? We Seize!

19/9/03 - Cybersecurity or Censorship?: Debate on internet security in deadlock

18/9/03 - Civil Society participation in PrepCom3: Not again! Governments exclude civil society from meetings

17/9/03 - Working Group on Human Rights: From Right to Communicate to Right to Development

17/9/03 - Discussion on Summit Declaration is proceeding: Working groups on conflictive areas, observers are locked out

17/9/03 - PrepCom3 negotiations: First reading of documents progresses fast

15/9/03 - PrepCom3 has started: Samassekou emphazises cooperation and solidarity

3/9/03 - German Civil Society Coordination towards WSIS: Statement on WSIS themes is sent to German government

30/8/03 - Preparations towards PrepCom3: Next round for Civil Society Priorities Document

14/8/03 - "Club of Rome" publishes Position on WSIS: Strengthening of public domain, stronger role for civil society demanded

26/7/03 - Debriefing from "Intersessional" in Paris: German Government Lauds Cooperation with Civil Society

24/7/03 - Lessons Learned from "Intersessional Meeting" in Paris: Comprehensive reports, official documents available now

23/7/03 - Intersessional Meeting in Paris: Governments topple Communication Rights

18/7/03 - Intersessional Meeting ends with Contested Draft Summit Declaration: Civil Society inclusion was not enough

17/7/03 - New Draft of Summit Declaration is Being Debated: Closer to final document, but conflicts remain

16/7/03 - WSIS Drafting Process Proceeding Slowly: Conflicts will be negotiated in ad-hoc drafting groups

16/7/03 - ICANN or ITU? Civil Society debates Internet Governance

15/7/03 - WSIS Preparation Process: Intersessional Meeting starts in Paris

15/7/03 - Civil Society Member in German Government Delegation: President of Free Software Foundation Europe goes to Paris

26/6/03 - Preparing the 1st World Forum on Communication Rights: Alternative WSIS Forum to fill content vacuum

23/6/03 - Communication Freedom on the Internet: Coucil of Europe criticises control and surveillance

3/6/03 - German Government Delegation for the WSIS: Civil Society proposals for participation

31/5/03 - Discussion Process Towards the WSIS: Online fora highlight WSIS themes

22/5/03 - EU preparation for WSIS: EU Commission sets out objectives for the WSIS

4/5/03 - Consultations between Federal Government and Civil Society: Round-table could be starting-point for further cooperation

29/4/03 - Charter of Civil Rights for Sustainable Knowledge Societies: Version 2.0 of the Charter published - online discussion to start

17/4/03 - Civil Society and WSIS: WSIS debates at EYFA meeting

11/4/03 - WSIS-Process, Work on Summit Documents: State of the preparatory process in EU and Geneva

6/4/03 - Meeting on counter- and side-activities for the WSIS summit: "Another Information Society is Possible!"

24/3/03 - WSIS Declaration and Action Plan: Secretariat publishes new drafts of WSIS documents

20/3/03 - Charter of Civil Rights for Sustainable Knowledge Societies: Lively Debate on WSIS Issues at Charter workshop in Berlin

10/3/03 - WSIS Final Declaration and Action Plan: Preliminary documents leave many open questions

01/3/03 - Second WSIS Preparatory Committee meeting PrepCom2: reported from the event

28/2/03 - End of PrepCom2 negotiations. Participation of non-governmental actors as a dividing line

27/2/03 - Declaration Working Group presents report. PrepCom to close with "work in progress" - role of observers strengthened

26/2/03 - Around the WSIS summit. CRIS is planning "Communications Rights Summit"

26/3/03 - PrepCom2 will not produce final drafts for the summit. Intersessional Process planned before PrepCom3

25/2/03 - WSIS Final Declaration and Action Plan: Civil Society submits contributions

25/2/03 - Government delegations agree on paper for negotiations: Participation of observers much smaller than hoped for

21/2/03 - "Visionary Panels" of the ITU: Copyright, Public Domain and the Right to Communicate

21/2/03 - Civil Society Participation in WSIS: Civil Society Bureau formed

20/2/03 - Subcommittee 2 resumes its work: Negotiations on WSIS Declaration begin

19/2/03 - Multi-Stakeholder Roundtables: Regulation between Liberalisation and Criminalisation

18/2/03 - Multi-Stakeholder Roundtables: Between Open Access and Quality Content

18/2/03 - Participation of Civil Society: The proposed Civil Society Bureau receives heavy criticism, but it will be too late to stop it

17/2/03 - Prepcom 2: WSIS Preparatory Conference opened in Geneva

Jan. 03 - World Social Forum: WSF-Participants Decide on Counter-Summit to WSIS

Jan. 03 - Charter of Civil Rights: German Contribution for WSIS Discussion


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