PrepCom 2

PrepCom 2, 17-28 February, Geneva

The second worldwide preparatory committee meeting for the
WSIS takes place from 17 to 28 February 2003 in Geneva.
Here you find background information, documents and reports from the conference site.
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Latest News

7 March: Next Steps and Working Documents after PrepCom2
28 February: End of PrepCom2: Participation of non-governmental actors debated
26 February: CRIS is planning "Communications Rights Summit"
26 February: PrepCom2 will not produce final drafts for summit
25 February: Civil Society submits contributions for Declaration and Action Plan
25 February: Government delegations agree on paper for negotiations
21 February: Civil Society Bureau formed
20 February: Negotiations on WSIS Declaration begin
19 February: Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable: Enabling Environment
18 February: Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable: Open Access, Cultural Diversity and Local Content
18 February: Civil Society Participation Debated
17 February: WSIS Prepcom opened in Geneva

Results of PrepCom2

Working documents, outcomes, and next steps


PrepCom 2 Website


Official Documents

"Information and Communication for all" - Orientation paper of the president of PrepCom2
This is a "non-paper", because it has no official status. Infact, it may provide a draft for the final declaration and the action plan negotiated at the conference. The paper will be developed further during PrepCom2.


Civil Society

Civil Society and Multi-Stakeholder Activites at PrepCom2

Thematic working groups during PrepCom2

Civil Society Bureau for procedural questions

Documents submitted by Organizations of Civil Society

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