Civil Society member in German Government Delegation
  President of Free Software Foundation Europe goes to Paris
  Paris, 15 July 2003. For the first time during the WSIS preparation process, the German government has accepted a member of civil society to its delegation. Georg Greve, President of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), participates as an official delegation member at the WSIS Intersessional Meeting, which starts in Paris today.

The decision to include him in the delegation was the result of long talks between the German WSIS Civil Society Coordinating Group and the Ministry of Economics as well as other parts of the Federal Government. A final coordination meeting between both sides had taken place one week before the start of the intersessional conference.

Not only the member organisations of the German WSIS network have been delighted that the government is willing to include such a prominent advocate of free software ideas in their delegation. Particularly happy were the participants of a major Linux developers meeting in Karlsruhe which took place the day before the start of the Intersessional.

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