Subject: [WSIS CS-Plenary] Report: CS @ Intersessional
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:28:43 +0100
From: karen banks <>


hello to everyone

to those of you who attended the intersessional in paris, and to the
plenary list members who now number over 240..

This is a brief report on our meeting on friday, which outlined some of the
work we need to attend to between now and PrepCom III. It is not a report
on substantive issues (content).

A comprehensive report on substantive issues, participation and other
matters is needed and i would propose that we approach this by way of a
focussed discussion with inputs from all who attended, but wanted to post
this quickly as there are a couple of things we need to move on this week.

1. Civil Society Meetings and notes
Civil Society participants met in the following formations during the week.
Where we have online notes, URLs are given.

CS Plenary - daily at 0900
July 16th:

CS Bureau - daily at 1400
Agenda July 15-18 and minutes from July 15-16:

CS Content and themes drafting group - irregularly at 1400

* CS Content and themes group - daily at 1800
July 15th:

* The evening meetings were a combination of
end-of-day-check-ins/report-backs; discussion of substantive issues and
identification of speakers for the following day. If i'm not mistaken, we
didn't have an equivalent meeting of this type during PrepCom II.

It was a useful space but we need to do preparatory work between now and
PrepCom III to clarify processes, focus and objectives of such a daily
meeting, for PrepCom III.

2. Status of CS Priorities Document

The CS Priority document was endorsed by many organisations prior to the

We did not release a further version of the document during the
intersessional as there were still issues on which we did not reach
concensus and some issues which participants felt needed to be included,
prior to another round of endorsements.

The proposal from our last meeting was to adopt a phased approach in
releasing further versions of the document.

a) to give until Friday August 1st to receive additions agreed, and
incorporate any other revisions around text on which there is siginifant
divergance of views. The main revisions proposed would be:
- to incorporate text on Disabilities
- to incorporate a revised text on Internet governance

We would then release an interim version of the document, with additional
endorsements received until that time, and propose we release Version 2 by
August 5th.

b) Phase two would comprise developing a more comprehensive version of the
the document, which would become in effect the Civil Society 'Shadow'
Declaration. This document would be developed via a process of broader
consulation, with a clear timeline aiming to release for PrepCom III.

We also talked of the need for a 'shadow' action plan  but didn't discuss
it in detail. This should be considered in development of the content and
themes work plan.

3. Clarifying objectives and location of workspaces
There are several elements we would need to address the above process

* Ensuring all participants (existing and prospective) are clear on where
they can participate - which is primarily through the caucuses and working
group spaces

===> could **all** caucus and working groups send me a message outlining
the following using the Subject line: WSIS Caucus/WG Information

- name of caucus or working group
- objective/purpose of Caucus/wg
- name of representative for Content and themes group
- list address
- subscription details

I will then update the website to reflect this information and
post a summary to this list.

* Clarifying objectives of and

The objectives and use of these two lists have become confused, overlap
significantly and need to be rationalised.

The objective of the 'plenary' list is in effect, to provide an online or
'virtual' space where we can continue to discuss matters, much in the way
we do onsite, during the morning CS Plenary meetings which includes report
backs from:

- the Civil Society Bureau
- the Content and themes working group
- the WSIS secretariat

It is not intended to be the space where we discuss content issues, but it
would be the space where, for example, we post the revised priorities
document and call for endorsements.

Issues of content should really be discussed in caucuses and working
groups, and then through the CT list which should comprise representatives
of all such groups. Could i ask sally and bill to post again the objectives
and purpose of the Content and themes list so that we are all clear on the

==> Websites

a) This website is intended to be a space to list
information about caucuses, working groups and links to other useful WSIS
sites for Civil Society. It is not intended to contain reports, articles etc.

b) Rik, along with other volunteers, did a wonderful job
monitoring deliberations in the main plenary and all of these notes can be
found on this site. It is an incredibly valuable resource to faciliate
lobbying material and as a record of proceedings. Many of the CS
Interventions are posted here but will be updated to include a full listing

c) Ralf continued the work of other Heinrich Boll
Stiftung colleagues from PrepCom II, in a daily posting of general
commentaries and articles (as opposed to specific interventions) on this
site. It also includes a calendar of WSIS related events.

d) This site is
maintained by Bill McIver and is used as a repositary for all content
developed by the Content and themes working group and all caucuses and
working groups.

There are many other WSIS related sites and it would be useful if we could
agree amongst ourselves how to most effectively use the websites, avoid
duplication of effort and ensure that they are all clearly linked back and
forth to one another.

If you are hosting a WSIS related website and would like to have it listed
on, or linked to by some of the above sites, please post brief details here.

4. Preparations for PrepCom III
a) Coordination and Logistics

We discussed the need to work immediately on a coordination and logistics
plan for PrepCom III. Louise Lassonde has asked that we submit at least a
rough outline of our logistical needs this week. Ralf Bendrath has drafted
a document outlining these needs, based on discussions at the end of
PrepCom II and as a result of our experiences during the Intersessional.

===> Once ralf has posted the draft, could i ask everyone to comment by the
end of  **Wednesday july 23rd** so that we can submit a rough proposal to
louise. I'm sure it nwill be refined and developed in the coming weeks but
Louise informed me that they are working on finalising euipment and rooms
this week, in geneva. I will let her know that this proposal is coming.

b) Resources for Civil Society meetings at national and regional level

Sally made a proposal prior to the Intersessional outlining the importance
of Civil Society having the time, resources and space to develop it's own
'shadow' positions (as has been common in many past UN conferences).
Developing such positions online, or during the hectic mania of the onsite
meetings is difficult. We did not unfortunately have time to discuss this
in detail during the intersessional,  but i did raise the issue with Louise

I would ask if sally could update everyone on those ideas and apologise for
not being able to take the proposal forward more comprehensivley during the

there is a proposal from the Secretariat to host a 2 day
orientation/briefing period, prior to PrepCom III, which of course would be
very useful, but if it is to be successful, we need to begin planning quite
soon and ensure that all participants can factor this into their plans.
(please see below)

5. Questions/clarifications for the CS Bureau
Several questions were raised during the final day which we need to follow
up on, primarily with colleagues in the CS Bureau including:

- status of 'side-events' during PrepCom III
- status of fellowship grants for PrepCom III
- proposal for official CS participation in Sub-Committee II negotiations
during PrepCom III (the proposal read by Wolfgang Kleinwachter can be read
- Orientation days prior to PrepCom III (september 13/14th)

Could i ask colleagues in the CSB to share with the plenary space, reports
on the above as soon as possible?

6. Other matters
Many other issues were raised during the week and i'm noting a couple here
that i can recall,  but would ask others to contribute:

a) mapping of resources, handbooks, 'FAQ's (frequently asked questions),

Several organisations are planning to develop resources for PrepCom III,
the Summit or beyond. It would seem useful if those of us who are involved
in such work, to link up with one another to see where we can collaborate
and avoid duplication of effort. If you are developing, or planning to
develop such resources, please let us know here.

b) Evaluation of developing country participation in the WSIS process

The lack of representation for southern participants continues to be a
major area of concern. There is a proposal to initiate a small project to
evaluate participation in WSIS with a view to making recommendations for
the 2003-2005 phase. I would be interested to connect with people who are
interested in participation in such a project.

I'll leave it there for now. There are a lot of other issues we need to
discuss, the foremost of which is the status of the WSIS Agenda in terms of
substantive issues. I would ask sally and bill to take a lead on proposing
how we might most effectively do that as our next main task.

It was a tough week but i thoroughly enjoyed meeting with so many of you
and grappling our way through the CS plenary meetings ;) Thanks to steve
buckley and valerie peugot for their support in facilitating the meetings,
to renate, louise and other colleagues in the CS Bureau, to the wonderful
team of volunteer translators coordinated by viola for their commitment to
our work, their patience and understanding, and to everyone who i think
made great efforts to collaborate during the week.

** when you are replying to this message, please try to only quote the text
that is essential

*** i am not ccing this message to the 'CT' list (but will forward a copy)
and propose that this be the last message sent to both 'PLENARY' and 'CT'

**** apologies in advance for any oversights or omissions, no doubt you
will contribute to fill any gaps i have left

a good week to you all


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