WSIS 2003 Declarations
  Official and Civil Society Declarations and Statements
  The following documents are among the main outcomes of the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) that took place in December 2003 in Geneva.
Some documents and reports are not available yet. We will make them available here as soon as we get them.
If you know of other documents that might be missing here, please let us know at <wsis (at)>.

Official Summit Documents

WSIS Declaration of Principles
"Building the Information Society: a global challenge in the new Millennium"

Geneva, 12 December 2003 
doc | pdf (english)

WSIS Plan of Action
Geneva, 12 December 2003
doc | pdf (english)

Civil Society Joint Summit Documents

Civil Society Statement to the Final Plenary of the WSIS, 12 December 2003

Civil Society Summit Declaration
"Shaping Information Societies for Human Needs"
Adopted by the WSIS Civil Society Plenary
Geneva, 11 December 2003
pdf: english | espanol | franšais | Press Statement 
final corrected version, 25 February 2004
rtf:  english | espanol | franšais
pdf: english | espanol | franšais | arabic
Declaration Highlights | Endorsements

Civil Society Essential Benchmarks
refined version, Geneva, 11 December 2003 
rtf: english
 | espanol | franšais

Civil Society Side and Preparatory Documents

Statement on Communication Rights   
World Forum on Communication Rights
Geneva, 11 December 2003

Geneva Declaration on Accessible Information Society
Global Forum on Disability in the Information Society
Geneva, 12 December 2003
rtf (english)

Geneva Declaration of the Global Forum of Indigenous Peoples and the Information Society
Geneva, 11 December 2003
rtf (english)

Declaration of the World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society
Lyon, 5 December 2003
rtf (english) 

Youth Forum Declaration: "Res, non verba"
ITU World Telecom World 2003
Geneva, 12-18 October 2003
rtf (english)

Charter of Civil Rights for a Sustainable Knowledge Society
German Civil Society WSIS Coordination Group
Version 3.0,  July 2003
pdf: deutsch | english | espanol 
deutsch | english | espanol

Swiss Civil Society Platform Position on the Information Society
Comunica-CH: Swiss Civil Society Platform for the Information Society
rtf (english)

Statement to the WSIS: "Towards a New Age of Information and Knowledge for All"
Club of Rome, 14 August 2003
pdf (english)

Civil Society Caucus and Working Group Documents

Due to the huge volume of civil society content produced in the different groups and caucuses, we can not maintain a list here at the moment. See the individual caucus / working group web sites at for some of the documents.




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