Previous international WSIS events in phase 2

9 February 2004,
Information Briefing on the WSIS
Palais des Nations, Room XXV, Geneva, Switzerland
Objective: The meeting is an informal event to brief all interested actors on the latest developments on WSIS. It includes official speakers as well as ad-hoc reports from WSIS NGO Caucuses and Working Groups.After the briefing, there will be a short meeting of the CONGO ICT Task Force and the Task Force on ICTs and Poverty. All interested NGOs are invited to participate.
Speakers: Habib Mansour, Tunisia Delegation to WSIS, Daniel Stauffacher, Swiss Delegation to WSIS, Yoshio Utsumi, WSIS Secretary-General, ITU Secretary-General (invited), Charles Geiger, Head of WSIS Executive Secretariat, Alain Clerc, Civil Society Division, WSIS Executive Secretariat, Bertrand de la Chapelle,
Attendance: The meeting is open to any interested party, but
NGOs must have their own accreditation to the UN to be able to enter the building.
Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO), Rik Panganiban, <rik.panganiban(at)>

23 February - 29 March 2004
WSIS Online Evaluation
To provide a clear picture of what has been achieved - the impact made on WSIS processes and any outcomes and to l
earn from the process and approaches used and provide clear aims and objectives to shape and drive ongoing/future work. One question each week will be discussed. The outcome will be a report to pe published on 29 March 2004.
Participation: This evaluation is open to all interested stakeholders from civil society. Send a blank mail to with "Evaluation" as a header to join the aisi-l mailing list.
Contact: African Civil Society Coordination. 
See the invitation.

25 February 2004
ITU Council Working Group on WSIS
ITU, Geneva, Switzerland
To discuss the future role of the ITU in the WSIS process and in the implementation of the Declaration of Principles and Action Plan. The working group welcomes contributions from ITU Member States and Sector Members, as a basis for future work and the report to Council. The meeting is a preparation for the ITU workshop on Internet Governance on the next two days.
Attendance: The meeting is only open to ITU member states and sector members.
Contact: Background and registration documents are available here.

26-27 February 2004
ITU Workshop on Internet Governance
ITU, Geneva, Switzerland
Objective: The workshop will be a start to prepare ITU's inputs and position vis-Ó-vis the UN working group to be established on Internet governance, as decided in the WSIS 2003 summit declaration. The output will be submitted to the ITU decision-making bodies for their further consideration.
Attendance: Attendance is open to all ITUMemberStatesand Sector Members and individually invited selected experts in Internet governance.
Contact: ITU Strategy and Policy Unit, Mail:

2-6 March 2004
ICANN Meetings
MeliÓ Roma Aurelia Antica Hotel, Rome, Italy
The ICANN meetings are not directly WSIS-related, but at this event there will be discussions on the Internet governance working group that was decided upon at the Summit. It will be used to prepare for the UN ICT Task Force meeting in New York later in March (see below).
Attendance: The meetings are free to attend, and open to any interested person. ICANN encourages broad participation in its bottom-up consensus-development process.
Contact: ICANN website | local website on Rome events and locations.

2-3 March 2004
Informal Preparatory Meeting for WSIS 2005
Tunis, Tunesia
Objective: To brainstorm on the process and added value of WSIS phase 2. The event will also be a preparation for a more formal meeting in late spring 2004 to prepare for the first PreCom of WSIS phase two.
Attendance: The meeting is said to be open to all stakeholders, but modalities are unclear.
Contact: The Tunesian Minister of Communication Technologies and Transport, Mr. Sadok

25 - 26 March 2004
CTO Conference on Implementing the WSIS Action Plan
Nairobi, Kenya
Objective: The conference will act as a follow-up to WSIS, focusing on "Implementation and Best Practices".
Contact : Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, AITEC

25-29 March 2004
UN ICT Task Force Open Forum and Sixth Meeting
UN Headquarters,
New York City, USA
The Sixth Meeting of the UN ICT Task Force will address the outcomes of the Geneva phase of WSIS. During the first two days of the meeting, the discussion will be held in a format of a Global Forum on the subject of Internet governance. It will be an opportunity for relevant stakeholders - including those who are not members of the Task Force - to engage in an open discussion of all aspects of this range of issues. In the period leading up to the Global Forum, an on-line discussion of these issues will be organized to ensure as broad and comprehensive representation of views, perspectives and recommendations as possible.
Attendance: The Global Forum will be open to interested stakeholders, the ICT Task Force Meeting will be members-only. Pre-registration is necessary to be able to enter the UN building. Fill in this form and send it to and very quickly.
UN ICT Task Force

26 March 2004, 14:00-16:00
Public Voice Civil Society Meeting on WSIS
Ford Foundation, 320 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017

Objective: To discuss and strategize civil society participation in WSIS phase two.
Attendance: The meeting is open to any interested civil society people, especially those who are in town for the meeting of the UN ICT Task Force. Pre-registration with Frannie Wellings <wellings(at)> is necessary to get access to the building. Bring a photo ID for entrance into the Ford Foundation.
No press attendance.
Contact: The Public Voice

1 April 2004
Vienna, Austria
ITU High-Level Summit Organizing Committee (HLSOC) Meeting
Attendance: The meeting will presumably only be open to members of the HLSOC.

13 June 2004
European /
North American WSIS Civil Society Meeting
Technical University
Berlin, Germany

To discuss and strategize for the involvement of European and North American NGOs in WSIS phase two. The meeting will be used to prepare for PrepCom 1 of phase two that will take place ten days later. Topics include civil society positions, successes and agendas, working inside and outside official WSIS structures, linking WSIS to other information policy issues and social movements
preparations for PrepCom 1 in Tunisia, how to work with Tunisian Civil Society. The meeting will be held as part of the "Wizards of OS" conference and alongside a number of other NGO events that take place in
Berlin during the whole week.
Attendance: Open to all interested civil society members. Please register with Charlotte Dany <charlottedany(at)> if you plan to attend.
Contact: Ralf Bendrath <bendrath(at)>.
Agenda and more information.

23-26 June 2004
Hammamet, Tunisia
PrepCom 1
The first official meeting of the WSIS second phase will mainly discuss the rules of procedure for the second phase. The formats and settings of the different working groups, regional and thematic meetings and global prepcoms will be discussed.
Attendance: The conference will be open to all interested stakeholders under the rules of accreditation for WSIS phase one. There will be a number of travel fellowships available.
Contact: ITU WSIS website reports from the PrepCom
UN NGLS Roundup on the PrepCom (pdf)

7 - 9 July 2004
WSIS Thematic Meeting on Countering Spam
Geneva, Switzerland
UN NGLS Report on the meeting

15 July 2004, 18:00
ITU Informal Consultations on Internet Governance
Geneva, Switzerland
ITU-T, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
Attendance: The meeting was originally only for heads of delegation but is now open to anyone. Please register with

31 August 2004, 14:00 to 17:00
WSIS informal consultation on stocktaking
Geneva, Switzerland, ITU VarembÚ building, room E (first floor)
Marie-Isabelle Asencio (WSIS Secretariat), <marie-isabelle.asencio (at)>
Participation: The meeting is invitation-only. There might be possibilities for teleconference participation.

17 September
WSIS Intergovernmental Bureau meeting
Geneva, Switzerland
The main agenda will be the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), the Task Force on Financing, the Friends of the Chair Group, the proposed stocktaking exercise (in particular the questionnaire), and Criteria for Thematic meetings.
Contact: WSIS executive secretariat
Participation: The Bureau meeting is for members only. 

20-21 September
WSIS consultations on the establishment of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)
Geneva, Switzerland, Palais des Nations, Room XVIII
Contact / more Information:
ITU WGIG secretariat
registration form (deadline: 3 September 2004)
The meeting will be open to all WSIS accredited entitites. Governments and all stakeholders are encouraged to submit written electronic contributions on this subject until 13 September to: <wgig (at)>

22-24 September 2004
Intergovernmental Expert meeting on Free and Open Source Software: Policy and development implications
Geneva, Switzerland
UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 
See also: Resources on UNCTAD and FOSS linked to some issues and aplications

28-30 September 2004
Second Western Asia Preparatory Conference on the WSIS
Beirut, Lebanon
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA)

11-13 October
WSIS Asian Regional Conference for Phase II
Bangkok, United Nations Conference Centre
 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
Participation: The conference is open to NGOs and the private sector. Interested parties are requested to submit application forms by 1 October 2004.

14 October 2004, 9.15am - 6.30pm
The European Forum on Communication Rights
The Camden Centre, Judd St. Near Kings Cross, London WC1
The European Forum on Communication Rights (EFCR) takes place the day before the start of the European Social Forum, and tackles one of the most important questions we face how to bring together those working at different levels on communication rights - from grass roots activists working on practical projects and street level campaigns, to those engaged in lobbying and advocacy, to researchers and academics.
Contact: The Media Culture and Communications Rights Network
Participation is open to all and for free, donations are encouraged.

22 October 2004, 10:00-18:00
Group of the Friends of the Chair meeting
Room XVII, Door 40, First Floor, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Chairman Janis Karklins, Group of the Friends of the Chair
Participation: This "special session" will be open to members of the Group and all WSIS-accredited observers.
More information: Invitation letter | Annex 1: "Group of Friends of the Chair" | Annex 2: "Chair's note to the members of the GFC" | Annex 3: "Chair's non-paper to stimulate discussion in the GFC on October 22"

10 November 2004
19th International CODATA Conference. The Information Society: New Horizons for Science
World Summit of the Information Society Session
Berlin, Germany
The Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA)

15-16 November 2004
Group of the Friends of the Chair
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Chairman Janis Karklins, Group of the Friends of the Chair
Participation: Members only, a "special session" on the afternoon of the first day will be open to all WSIS-accredited observers.

16 November 2004 (morning)
Geneva, Switzerland
Open Consultations on Financial Mechanisms
Participation: This meeting is open to WSIS-accredited observers
Contact: Task Force on Financial Mechanisms | more info

POSTPONED (was planned for 17 November 2004)
Inaugural Ceremony of the International Digital Solidarity Fund
Geneva, Switzerland
Digital Solidarity Fund

18-20 November 2004
UN ICT Task Force Meeting
Global Forum on "Promoting Enabling Environment For Digital Development"
and Civil Society Events
Berlin, Germany
Global Forum | Agenda | Registration | Civil Society events and more information
Contact: UN ICT Task Force
Participation: The Task Force meeting is for members only. The Global Forum will be open to interested parties that can confirm their interest and expertise in the theme of the Global Forum. The Civil Society events (mainly on the 18th) are open to all interested parties.

22-23 November 2004
WSIS Western Asia Regional Conference
Damascus (Syria)

23-25 November 2004
Working Group on Internet Governance. First Meeting
Palais des Nationes, Geneva, Switzerland
WGIG | See also: Timeline for WGIG work
Participation: This first meeting of the WGIG will be closed / members only, but the 24 November will be devoted to open consultations with all interested stakeholders. Translation into English, French and Spanish will be provided then.

29 November 2004
New York, USA
Last Meeting of the Task Force on Financial Mechanisms (TFFM)

Contact: Task Force on Financial Mechanisms | more info

16-17 December 2004
Group of the Friends of the Chair meeting
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Chairman Janis Karklins, Group of the Friends of the Chair
Participation: Members only.

10-11 January 2005
Group of the Friends of the Chair meeting
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Chairman Janis Karklins, Group of the Friends of the Chair
Participation: Members only. A "special session" on the whole first day will be open to all WSIS-accredited observers.
More information

18-19 January 2005
WSIS Thematic Meeting on Economic and Social Implications of ICT
Hotel Casa Santo Domingo,
Antigua Gity, Guatemala
Contact: Scientific Committee (Background documents, Programme, Requests for financing), wsiseco(at)
Logistics Committee (Official representation at the meeting, Registration, Travel and accommodation): logistica(at)
Telephone: +41 (0)22 9175891/9175912, Fax: +41 (0)22 9170052, E-mail:

21 January 2005
ICT Applications in Natural Disaster Reduction
Kobe (Japan)
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
At the occasion of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (18-22 January 2005, Kobe, Japan), the WMO organizes a WSIS thematic meeting on ICT Applications in Natural Disaster Reduction as part of a workshop on Reducing the Risks of Weather, Climate and Water related Hazards through Advanced Detection, Monitoring, Early warning systems and Opportunities of Information Society.

3-4 February 2005
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris
Conference: Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace
Convenor: UNESCO
Contact: Ms. Anne Lubbe <a.lubbe(at)>

7-9 February 2005
Geneva, Switzerland
WSIS Thematic Meeting: Measuring the Information Society

Convenors: UNCTAD/OECD/ITU/UIS/UN Regional Commissions/UN ICT TF/World Bank
Information note

11-13 February 2005
International Conference on Multistakeholder Diplomacy
Government of Malta/Diplo Foundation/SDC/GKP
More information

2-4 February 2005
WSIS Africa Regional Conference
Accra (Ghana)

14-16 February 2005
Geneva, Switzerland
Second meeting and Consultations on Internet Governance
open to WSIS accredited entities
Contact: Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)

17-25 February 2005
WSIS PrepCom 2
Geneva, Switzerland
WSIS executive secretariat
More information

14-18 March 2005
Indigenous Peoples in the Information Society: Delivering on the Plan of Action
Ottawa (Canada)
Government of Canada and UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Call letters in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

13-15 April 2005
Eighth Meeting of the UN ICT Task Force: Harnessing the Potential of ICTs for Education
Dublin, Ireland
More infos:
UN ICT Task Force

18-20 April 2005
Third Meeting of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)
Open meeting for all stakeholders: 18 April
Geneva, Switzerland
Contact: Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)

2 May 2005, 14:00-17:30
informal consultations on the role of ITU in WSIS implementation mechanisms
ITU, Geneva
ITU Council Working Group on WSIS (WG-WSIS)
The meeting will provide input for the 8th meeting of the ITU Council Working Group on WSIS on 3-4 May. It is open to civil society and other entities, but prior registration could be needed.

6-7 May 2005
Multilingualism for Cultural Diversity and Participation of All in Cyberspace
Bamako, Mali

9-11 May 2005
Asia Media Summit - AMS2005
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD)/Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)/Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA)
Programme of the Conference

11-13 May 2005
WSIS Thematic Meeting: ICT for Capacity-Building. Critical Success Factors
UNESCO and Club of Rome
European Support Centre of the Club of Rome

13-15 May 2005
Paving the Road to Tunis - WSIS II: Canada's Civil Society Views on the Geneva Plan of Action and the Prospects for Phase II
Winnipeg, Canada
Canadian Commission for UNESCO
Schedule and Webcast

16-17 May 2005
WSIS Thematic Meeting: Towards the Realization of the Ubiquitous Network Society
Tokyo, Japan
Government of Japan/ITU/UNU
Information note | more infos

17-19 May 2005
UNESCO between two phases of the World Summit on the Information Society
St. Petersburg, Russia

2-3 June 2005
World Summit Contributory Conference on ICT and Creativity
Vienna, Austria
World Summit Award (WSA) / Government of Austria

8-10 June 2005
Latin America and the Caribbean Regional WSIS conference
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

13 June 2005, 10.00-18.00
Informal Consultations on Implementation Mechanisms and the Way Ahead after the WSIS
Palais des Nations, room XXVI (E Building, 1st Floor), Geneva, Switzerland
Invitation letter

14-17 June
Last Meeting of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)
with open consultations for all stakeholders on 14 June
Geneva, Switzerland
Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) | more info

15-16 June 2005
Incommunicado Work Conference
Amsterdam, Netherlands; De Balie
Geert Lovink & Soenke Zehle
Organizers: Institute of Network Cultures with Waag Society and the New Media Centre Sarai
Incommunicado is a two-day workshop that intends to approach the growing 'ICT for development' (ICT4D) sector and its conceptual and organizational idioms from a committed-yet-critical 'insider' perspective.

17-18 June 2005
Third Amsterdam Internet Conference
City Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media

21-22 June 2005
International Policy Dialogue "Mainstreaming ICT for Development. The Key Role of the Private Sector"
Berlin, Germany; Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Inwent Capacity Building International and the German Federal Government.
Draft Programme
Contact / Registration (deadline: 15 May):

23-24 June 2005
WSIS Thematic Meeting on "Multi-stakeholder partnerships for Bridging the Digital Divide"
Seoul, Korea
Government of Republic of Korea (MIC/KADO)/ITU

28 June- 1 July 2005
WSIS Thematic Meeting on Cybersecurity
Geneva, Switzerland
Convenor: ITU
More Info

10-15 July 2005
ICANN Meeting

18 July 2005, 10:00-18:00
Presentation of the Report of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)
Geneva, Switzerland, Palais des Nations, Room XVIII
The meeting will be webcast.

19 July 2005, 10:00-18:00
Workshop on Internet Governance at the national level
Geneva, Switzerland, Palais des Nations

20 July 2005, 10:00-13:00
Informal Open-ended Consultations on Internet Governance
Geneva, Switzerland,
Palais des Nations, Room VIII
Convenor: Ambassador Masood Khan, Chair-designate of PrepCom-3 Sub-Committee 2A on Internet Governance

28 July 2005, 10:30-12:30
Regime Change on the Internet? Internet Governance after WGIG
Washington, D.C., United States
Convenors: The Internet Governance Project and three other university programs
Online particpation is possible

5 September 2005, pm
WSIS GFC meeting (GFC members and observers from governments only)

6 September 2005, am
WSIS GFC Consultations, open to all stakeholders

6 September 2005, pm
WSIS Internet governance Consultations, open to all stakeholders

7 September 2005, am
GFC meeting (GFC members and observers from governments only) if needed

7 September 2005, pm
Intergovernmental Bureau meeting (Bureau members only)

11 September 2005, 9:00-18:00
Women Claiming the Information Society (WOCTIS)
European / North American Regional Conference
Berlin, Germany
Heinrich B÷ll Foundation in cooperation with WSIS Gender Caucus, WOMNET/NRO-Frauenforum, Terre Des Femmes, APC WNSP

19-30 September 2005
Third Meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-3)
Geneva, Switzerland
WSIS executive secretariat


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