The Tunisian Human Rights League is threatend by the Tunisian regime
  URGENT call for signatures
  7 May 2004. The Tunisian Human Rights League is seriously threatened by the Tunisian governement, at the time they are starting organizing the independent Tunisian Civil Society for participation to WSIS phase 2, so that they can make an independent voice heard from Tunisia.

On Friday April 30, 2004, the League held a conference on WSIS, on which issues are at stake and how the Tunisian independent civil society may organize itself together with internation civil society. This conference was the first of a series of events to be organized during WSIS preparation phase by the Tunisian Human Rights League. On the same day, the Tunisian Human Rights League has also released its 2004 report, entitled "Medias under control" and launched an appeal to help them.

This situation is even more serious now, as the first PrepCom of WSIS phase two is coming up in a few weeks in Tunisia.

The following petition is the first reaction of help from the French Human Rights League (LDH) and the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH).

Signatures from organizations are urgently needed, and should be sent directly to LDH (see below).

Also visit the website of Tunisian Human Rights League:, which often is not accesible from Tunisia.

The appeal " The Tunisian league is threaten by the Tunisian regime"

The Tunisian Human rights league (LTDH) is threaten of financial suffocation. The Tunisian regime blocs funds raising from the European
Commission which were destinated to the Tunisian Human rights league. Therefore, this association will be forced to closed its offices in
Tunis and in other Tunisian cities.

By acting in such manners, the Tunisian regime is trying to struggle an organisation that defends human rights, the same one it already attacked several times.

We must not let it happen.

We must express our active solidarity with the Tunisian Human rights league.

Let's support financially the Tunisian Human rights league. Send a check to the French Human League (LDH) at : 138, rue marcadet (with the mention " pour la LTDH ").

Thank you.

Sidiki KABA
President of the FIDH

President of the LDH

Vice President of the LDH
General secretary of the FIDH

This appeal is sent by the FIDH and the LDH and supported by :

The appeal " The Tunisian league is threaten by the Tunisian regime "

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        - Our organisation signs the appeal " The Tunisian league is  threatened by the Tunisian regime "


Send to:
LDH, 138 rue Marcadet 75018 Paris - Tel : (33)1 56 55 51 08 - Fax : (33)142 55 51 21 - E-mail :


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