Financing Mechanisms in the WSIS Context
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  "Financing" has been the last conflictive isse to be resolved before the first World Summit on the Information Society took place in December 2003. There has not been a real solution, though, as the governments agreed to not agree and set up a Task Force to study existing and possible new financing mechanisms. The report was published in January 2005.

WSIS second phase: drafts of official summit documents on finance

PrepCom-2 (Geneva, 17-25 February 2005)

WSIS Task Force on Financing Mechanisms (TFFM)
Administered by UNDP
Contact: Radhika Lal <radhika.lal(at)>, Tel. +1-212-906-5020.
Official Website

  • Final report (22 December 2004)
  • Schedule of activities, 23 June 2004
  • Brief on TF on Financing, by Shoji Nishimoto (UNDP), Assistant Administrator and Director of UNDP's Bureau for Development Policy at PrepCom 2, Hammamet, 23 June 2004 
  • TFFM Issues Paper, released for the first meeting of the TFFM on 4 October 2004
  • TFFM launched at UN Headquarters, UN press release (with members list), 6 October 2004
  • TFFM meetings:
    - TFFM founding meeting, 4 October 2004, UNDP, New York
    - TFFM consultation meeting with Group of the Friends of the Chair (GFC): 16 November, UN Palace, Geneva, open to observers.
    - final TFFM meeting: 29 November, UNDP, New York

Online Forum on Financing Mechanisms
25 October to 25 November, 2004
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WSIS Civil Society Finance Caucus
Contact: Djilali Benamrane, <dbenamrane(at)>
WebsiteMailing list | Archive

Digital Solidarity Fund
The contested "digital solidarity fund" has been set up on 1 October 2004 as a voluntary action by Senegal, Dominican Republic, and number of cities like Geneva, Paris and others.
Contact / more information: or

Civil society and other papers on financing

  • Financing Information and Communication Infrastructure Needs in the Developing World: Public and Private Roles (draft)
    by the World Bank's Global Information and Communication Technologies Department, 28 February 2005
    Contact: Charles Kenny, Senior Economist, Global ICT Department (
    dowload pdf in English | download press release, pdf, English
  • "Anregungen zur WSIS-Finanzierungsdebatte und zur Umsetzung davon abhńngiger Ma▀nahmen"
    Prof. Rainer Kuhlen, University Konstanz, for the German WSIS Civil Society Coordination Group, 5 February 2004
    Download rtf in German
  • "Who pays for the Information Society? Challenges and Issues on financing the Information Society"
    edited by Bread for All and Comunica-ch (Swiss Civil Society platform for the Information society), February 2005
    Download pdf in English
  • Financial mechanisms for the information society from a global public goods perspective
    by Fernando Prada, Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM), January 2005
    Download pdf in English | Espa˝ol | Franšais
  • Financing ICTs for Development with Focus on Poverty
    by Lishan Adam, University of Stellenbosch, prepared for Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM), January 2005
    Download pdf in English | Espa˝ol | Franšais 
  • The funding of universal access
    By JoŰlle Carron,
    Download pdf in English | Espa˝ol | Franšais | Arabic
  • Community ownership of ICTs: New possibilities for poor communities, briefing paper
    By Seßn Ë Siochr˙, Nexus Research Cooperative, Dublin
    Download pdf in English | Espa˝ol | Franšais | Arabic
  • Progress and issues in Financing ICT4D in Sub-Saharan Africa, briefing paper
    By Lishan Adam, University of Stellenbosch
    Download pdf in English | Espa˝ol | Franšais | Arabic
  • A systemic Vision for Financing the Information Society as a Global Public Good, briefing paper
    By Fernando Prada, Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM)
    Download pdf in English | Espa˝ol | FranšaisArabic 
  • PossibilitÚs de financement dans la sociÚtÚ de l'information: recherche de donnÚes sur la Suisse, PrÚ-Útude rÚalisÚe pour Pain pour le Prochain
    By JoŰlle Carron in collaboration with Chantal Peyer, October 2004
    Download rtf in French
  • Financing the Information Society in the South: A Global Public Goods Perspective
    By Pablo Accuosto and Niki Johnson, June 2004, commissioned by APC
    download pdf in English
  • Networking Communities In The South -- Challenges For Diverse Actors: Remittance, Microfinance And Technology
    By Scott Robinson(June 2004)
    download pdf in English
  • Financing measures for overcoming digital divides
    By Rainer Kuhlen, June 2004
    download rtf in English
  • Comunica-ch: Groupe de travail ź financement et solidaritÚ Nord-Sud ╗
    draft, April 2004
    download rtf in French
  • Civil Society Statement on Information and Communication Solidarity Funding Mechanisms
    submitted to PrepCom 3 by the Civil Society Content and Themes Subcommittee with inputs from those present at the South-South and Friends of the South Meeting, 25 September 2003

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