Deadlines for PrepCom3 and Tunis Summit
  Fellowships, Comments and Accreditation to Close Soon
  26 July 2005. A couple of deadlines are approaching fast for participation and giving input to the upcoming WSIS events. Participants and interested parties who want to go to PrepCom3 in September, and entities who want to comment on the recently published report of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) or give other input have to meet certain important dates.

Accreditation and Partcipation for PrepCom3 and the Tunis Summit

The third meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-3) of the Tunis phase of WSIS will be held in Geneva at the Palais des Nations from 19-30 September 2005, the summit itself will take place from 16-18 November 2005 with noumerous side and pre-events taking place in parallel and befre it. Entities that are not yet accredited to the WSIS have to do so by 8 August 2005. Information on how to become accredited is available at the ITU WSIS website. Organizations that are already accredited to the WSIS can register their delegates to PrepCom3 (and later to the summit) using the online registration system. Registration for PrepCom3 will start on 15 August 2005. If your organization has not accredited by 8 August, it can not officially participate in the summit. However, some larger NGOs will again try to take single individuals into their delegations. But don't rely on it.

Fellowships for PrepCom3

A limited number of fellowships for particpation of delegates from least developed countries is available. The deadline for applications is 5 August 2005. Fellowships are available for senior governmental managers responsible for ICT-related  issues at decision-making or policy level and for senior members of accredited NGOs and civil society entities with active participation in WSIS. The nomination form, signed and  endorsed by the official responsible to nominate candidates in the organization must be send to WSIS Fellowships via fax to +41 22 730 5778 or email to More information is available at the ITU WSIS website.

Comments on the report of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)

The WGIG report has received wide attention in the media and other public spaces. It will feed into the negotiations on Internet Governance at Prepcom3. In order to not lose the progress the report has made in comparison to the Geneva Summit outcomes, it is important that civil society and other entities send their comments ahead of time. According to a Decision of PrepCom-2 all stakeholders are invited to submit written comments and proposals on Internet Governance. The deadline for comments is 15 August. Comments have to be sent to the WSIS Executive Secretariat by August 15. A compilation of all contributions will be forwarded to PrepCom-3, together with the report of the WGIG.

General Input before PrepCom3

The Group of the Friends of the Chair (GFC), led by the president of the preparatory committee for the second phase of WSIS, is informally preparing the negotiations for the Tunis summit documents. It will have a last meeting on 5 September 2005, which is only open to governmental delegates. However, the chairman, Ambassador Janis Karklins, is encouraging all stakeholders to submit their written input to the group. Input should be sent to the chairman with a copy to the WSIS Executive Secretariat. The latest versions of the draft documents and "food for thought" papers are available at the GFC website. Previous comments can be found there, the latest input documents are available here.



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