Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes comprehensive booklet "Vision in Process"
Right in time before the World Summit on the Information Society starts, the Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes the english-language booklet "Visions in Process - World Summit on the Information Society Geneva 2003 - Tunis 2005". International experts and insiders track the development of the summit declaration language and compare it with civil society proposals and submissions.
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Most important documents on the WSIS are available at the WSIS website of ITU:

Many civil society documents and statements are available at


The following is a small selection of articles and other publications on WSIS and related issues we found useful or insightful. For mainstream press coverage, try google news or other search engines.

Daniel Stauffacher and Wolfgang Kleinwächter (eds.): The World Summit on the Information Society: Moving from the Past into the Future
September 2005 (UN ICT Task Force Series 8)
WGIG member Wolfgang Kleinwächter and Swiss summit host from the first phase Daniel Stauffacher have edited a comprehensive book on th first phase of the summit and the following process until the publication of the WGIG report. Almost every WSIS VIP is in there.

Paul Vixie: Some Comments on Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)
July 2005
Paul Vixie, who holds the single-author record for total CERT advisories, gives
some important comments on the report of the WSIS Working Group on Internet Governance. 

The World Summit in Reflection: A Deliberative Dialogue on WSIS
April 2005
This compendium is jointly published by the journal Information Technologies and International Development and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School.It is intended to "offer a platform for substantive reflection and debate on the WSIS process, outcomes, and purposes."

Bruce Sterling: WSIS is Worldchanging?
October 2004
A tongue-in-cheek article about the mutual use of the UN and the Internet: "Imagine that the United Nations married the Internet. Any matchmaking program would consider them a dream date. After all, they're both (a) supposedly global in scale and (b) fearsomely crippled."

Reinventing Media Activism: Public Interest Advocacy in the Making of U.S. Communication-Information Policy, 1960-2002
July 2004
The research report from Syracuse University analyzes the role of citizens groups in shaping communication and information policy.

Gazette - The International Hournal for Communications Studies: Special Issue on WSIS
June 2004
This special issue, edited by Claudia Padovani, gives a good overview of the different topics and conflicts in the WSIS process. It also places the whole summit into a historical context. Recommended reading!

Finding the Links Between the Information Society and Sustainable Development
February 2004
A young researchers' perspective on harnessing the information society to achieve national sustainable development priorities.

James F. Moore: The Second Superpower Rears its Beautiful Head
March 2003
The new, emerging superpower is not one country, but the global distributed will of the people, as reflected in the social movements (and the self-organized internet public, one should add).

Michael Egger: A Vessel Adrift
December 2002
Michel Egger of the Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations - a Network of Swiss non-governmental organizations - draws a critical conclusion from the first months of the WSIS negotiations. They are lacking a clear vision and leading power. Especially many governments are presumed to lack the political will for leading the negotiations to a success. Positive developments however can now be observed in the civil society coordination for the summit.


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